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Sage 100 Fund Accounting Overview

Posted on Sunday, September 30th, 2012

How To Auto Close Encumbrances Sage 100 Fund Accounting

Posted on Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Online Version of Sage Nonprofit Available

Posted on Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Sage distributed a press release announcing the launch of Sage Nonprofit Online, delivering hosted online access to a bundle of nonprofit solutions.

Included in this solution is Sage 100 Fund Accounting (formerly Sage MIP Fund Accounting), Sage Fundraising 50, Sage Fundraising Online and Sage Grant Management.  All are available at an economic subscription price.  The bundled online solution, which provides remote access from any Internet connection, ensure user always stay current with the latest updates and reduces duplicate entry with integration between the systems.

Subscription pricing reduces initial capital outlay to improve cash flow and simplify budgeting.  The new pricing option allows nonprofits to pay only a single price per user per month for Sage Nonprofit Online, which includes automatic upgrades and tax updates, hosting fees, maintenance and support.  The cloud-based solution for managing financials, grants, online fundraising and CRM starts at $349 per month.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this new option.

Overview of Sage 100 Fund Accounting

Posted on Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Sage Fund Accounting Version 11.0 – What’s New in Payroll

Posted on Friday, June 22nd, 2012


  • A new global timesheet refresh is available on default timesheets.  This feature can be used by clicking the blue circular arrows on the top toolbar of the default payroll timesheets.  You can then choose to refresh one or many timesheets based on different criteria.


  • The new Calculated Check Register report has been added to the Payroll module under the Reports>Processing menu.  This report will give you exact calculated payroll totals and demographic information before you print and transfer payroll checks and deposits.
  • All payroll reports received attention for this release.  You will find new fields in the content, items by page, and filters throughout the system.  There are too many to list here, but some examples are hire dates and W-2 box numbers as both column content and report filters.


  • W-2 Box 12 EE is now available for earnings, benefits, and deductions.

Sage Fund Accounting Version 11.0 – What’s New in Reporting & Scheduler

Posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Report Binder

The Report Binders are now capable of being set up to be sent as an email on a scheduled basis including better CC/BCC functionality.  Now, you can automatically email your board reports our without even lifting a finger.


  • The new Sales Order Register report has been added (Accounting>Reports>A/R Analysis).  This report will allow you to see the detailed and exact status of all sales orders in the system.
  • The Forms Designer formats for the picking ticket and packing slip have been updated to include charge code descriptions.
  • The Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenue and Expenditures have been updated to include additional Grant Administration detailed fields on the content, filters, and items by page.
  • The Change Register report has been enhanced with additional information for Sales Orders and other types of charge details in the content, filters, and items by page.
  • The Cash Journal now contains additional columns for 1099 issuing status as well as 1099 adjustment amounts.
  • Financial Statement drill down has been updated to be faster, more powerful, and includes Pseudo Closing logic, so that your financial statements are exact, regardless of the fiscal year being reported or the fiscal year that has been closed.
  • The 990 Worksheet within Accounting has been updated to only allow for one fiscal year of reporting at a time.  This report should never be run across several fiscal years or an over/under statement of balances could be reported incorrectly.


Sage Fund Accounting Version 11.0 – What’s New in General Ledger

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012

Allowing appending entries to A/P Invoices, On-Account A/P Credit Memos, Copy Posted Documents, and Reverse Posted Documents can now be controlled using Set Up Modules within Administration.  You will be able to enter an invoice for a vendor that has the same invoice number and vendor information as an invoice which has been saved in another session.  By posting a second invoice, one of the following can occur:  the original invoice gets modified to include two separate line items that may not be related, or the new invoice replaces the original invoice and the original invoice ceases to exist in the system.  Conversely, you can now prevent the posting of duplicate invoice numbers to keep a very clean audit trail on all invoices.

All GL customers will now receive the Grant Administration functionality.  Upon upgrade, you will notice a new module to set up in Administration.  Once you designate which segment acts as your “grant” segment, you can then open Accounting>Maintain>Chart of Accounts.  For each segment code assigned to the segment that you flagged as your “grant” segment, you will notice two new tabs which collect demographic information about your funder and the grant that you are receiving.  This new functionality also helps to enable a more advanced integration with the new Sage Grant Management product that was launched earlier this year.  If Sage Grant Management is purchased, or already owned, you can click the “Activate Sage Grant Management Integration” option (Administration>Organization>Set Up Modules>Grant Administration).  Your Sage Grant Management database will now communicate directly with Sage Fund Accounting.  Updated grant information will be published to the Sage Fund Accounting database and thus the financial statement and grant list report will also display the same data.

Sage Fund Accounting Version 11.0 – What’s New in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Posted on Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Accounts Payable

  • The system generated A/P check printing process has been updated to include new functionality.  You will receive better informational messaging when selecting checks to reprint and a more intuitive workflow has been added.
  • There is now an approximate count of check stock and overflow stock needed, when the Print form displays.
  • Your accounts payable check session will now lock the selected invoices, so that duplicate checks cannot be created by mistake.  Within the Select A/P Invoices to Pay form, you will now see additional information including check numbers for invoices that are pending payment posting.


Accounts Receivable

  • The Sales Order module has been rolled into the A/R Billing module.  If you own the A/R Billing module, you will now see additional menu selections within Accounting>Activities>Sales Order Writing and Order Fulfillment; as well as Reports>A/R Analysis and Inventory Analysis.  Sales Order provides a way to do easy sales entry; payment receipt; and picking, packing, and shipping for an order.  Cash and On Account sales can be generated and then fed through the Cash Journal or A/R System Generated Invoicing process.
  • Within the Sales Order process you will now find additional options for processing orders.  A sales order no longer requires inventory type items to go through the fulfillment process.  Conversely, an order can also skip the fulfillment process if the order items are of a non-inventory type.  Additional changes have been made to the cancellation and returns process as it is now easier to see the entire order, cancel and return in fractions, and print more details on all sales order related forms.
  • A new A/R Invoice template is available, which contains additional Sales Order information and available fields.