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HR Actions for Sage Abra HRMS Worth a Close Look

Posted on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

When we work with HR Directors, a common challenge is that so much of their time is spent on moving paper, checking and rechecking form processing and other redundant administrative tasks – time better spent on the strategic concerns of the organization.

“Can you help me automate so that I’m not buried in paperwork?”

The answer is “Yes!”  Not only can we help automate starting with award-winning Sage Abra HRMS, we can show you how the system can be used to save time, save money, and reduce manual handling of paperwork.

We recommend Sage Abra HRMS as the core of your HR solution.  The system is scalable and offers a number of attractive complementary modules including HR Actions for Sage Abra HRMS.

HR Actions is one of the most popular solutions we’ve been showing organizations.  The ROI is readily apparent and it truly is a great help to gaining greater efficiency in the collection and approval of employee data.

HR Actions is web-based and helps you streamline the collection and approval of employee data – from request to hire to termination, status changes, performance appraisals, and a whole lot more.

HR Actions for Sage Abra HRMS solution highlights:

Accelerate HR and Payroll transactional processing throughout the employment lifecycle

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Updated forms are immediately available to the organization
  • Electronic routing and approval of forms speed the service delivery process

Keep employee information available and up-to-date across the enterprise

  • Provide managers online access to direct and skip-level reports’ personnel files, including completed forms and attachments.

Reduce HR’s dependency on IT support

  • HR can define and build dynamic web-based forms and routing rules without any programming skills

Enforce company policy while minimizing errors

  • Forms are easy to complete, with fields that only display appropriate choices
  • Specify what fields must be complete for a form to move on to the approval process
  • Forms are routed for approval based on business rules you define in a point-and-click environment

Eliminate data entry from paper forms into Sage Abra HRMS

  • Once approved, one-click updates to Sage Abra eliminate data entry from paper forms

You monitor and control forms throughout the entire routing process

  • A real-time dashboard lets you see the status of every form being routed throughout the organization
  • Control the flow of a form – stop it, skip an approver, or push it through the approval process

If you’d like to operate more efficiently and make better use of your time – HR Actions is worth taking a look at.  Please let us know if you’d like to learn more – give us a call at 800-269-6466 or drop us a note – we’d love to chat with you!  Also don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter @HuckstepAssoc.


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Find Employee Records Faster

Posted on Thursday, January 27th, 2011

New Employee Find Capabilities Offer Quick Access To The Information You Need

If you frequently search for employee records, whether for an individual or a group of employees with a certain common characteristic, the most recent releases of Sage Abra HRMS speeds this task.  In both Sage Abra Suite Version 9 and Sage Abra Suite Version 10, enhancements were made to the Employee Find function.  In this article we cover the new functionality in depth, and provide some examples of how you can use it to save time and effort.

The Employee Find capability now is available on the Navigation Pane after you access a Group, such as Employees or Training.  You use it to find and select an employee before you complete tasks or processes in the application.  For example, if you select Employees/View/Edit Employee, you need to search for an employee before you go to the Employee Detail page to view or edit.

Multiple Filtering Options

The power of the new Employee Find comes from several new capabilities, including the following:

  • When you begin typing a value, the system will automatically start to display all the records in the system that match.  For example, you could search by a first name, such as John, and the system will display all the matching employees and allow you to quickly select the one you are looking for.
  • You also can search the system based on Employee status.  For examples, you may want to see at a glance how many employees are on leave of absence, or how many dependents are in the system for whom you are paying health insurance premiums.  The statuses you can select from are Active, Terminated, LOA (Leave of Absence), and Other.
  • You can use several different fields in combination to narrow your search.  You can use any combination of the Last Name, First Name, ID, and SSN fields to find the employee you are looking for. For example, if you are doing a search by the Last Name and First Name, the First Name search field will act as a filter, while the Last Name field will act as a go-to-feature and will navigate you to the employee on the results list that matches both criteria.

Quick Matching of Data

If you start typing a value in a search field and there is a match, the record is highlighted in the search results.  An arrow indicator appears next to the record.  After you have found the record that you are searching for, you can click OK, or double-click the record to view the detail page for that employee.

If you start typing a value in a search field and there is no match, a Not Found message appears to the right of the search field.

Search Results Retained

With Sage Abra Suite Version 9 and Sage Abra SQL HRMS Version 10, the results of your searches are retained for future use.  For example, if you search for employees on a detail page, then go to a report page to print a report, when you return to a detail page (the same or a different one), the system remembers your previous search results.  The results appear so you can select the same employee (highlighted) or a different employee from the list.

Advanced Employee Find

The Advanced Employee Find is accessed by clicking the More Options button on the Employee Find page.  The following additional search criteria will appear for selection when it is expanded:

  • Organization Levels
  • Supervisor
  • Employee Type
  • Salaried/Hourly
  • State
  • Job Title
  • Last Hire Date

As with the regular Employee Find, the search results automatically are filtered based on the criteria entered into these fields.  With Advanced Employee Find, it is easy to find all the employees who report to a particular manager, or all the director-level employees, or any employee who lives/works out of state.

Please give us a call for assistance in making optimum use of the new Employee Find capabilities now available in Sage Abra Suite 9 and Sage Abra SQL HRMS Version 10.

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SupportPlus Has A New Name

Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

The Sage Abra SupportPlus program now has a new name:  Sage Business Care.  If you were a Sage Abra SupportPlus member, your plan transitions to the new Sage Business Care Silver Plan at no additional cost.  You will still receive technical assistance, troubleshooting, software upgrades, quarterly tax updates, and help from the Sage Abra support team.

The Sage Business Care Silver Plan includes three new benefits:

  • Live-chat assistance
  • Discounts on Anytime Learning courses
  • Savings on Sage Summit conference registrations

You will have access to the latest Sage Abra software release with updated functionality.  Call us to renew your plan.

New Sage Business Care Gold Plan

With the name change to Sage Business Care, Sage also is offering a new Sage Business Care Gold Plan.  The Gold Plan provides unlimited access to informative webcasts and Anytime Learning courses, more substantial product and training discounts, unlimited support, and access to the new Sage Employer Resources advice portal.  If you have questions or would like to upgrade to the Sage Business Care Gold Plan, please call us.

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What is the role of the Sage Business Partner (BP) and why do you need one?

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2010

Sage Software is a leading giant in the development and distribution of business related software products.  Sage relies on authorized Sage Business Partners to sell and implement Sage software solutions like Sage MIP Fund Accounting, Sage Abra HRMS, Sage FAS, to name just a few.

Not all Sage BPs are the same.  Here are some questions to consider as you consider which BP is right for your organization. Which Sage products are represented by the BP? How important is the location of the BP?  This is the era of electronic communications and with remote access through such services as “GoToAssist” a BP can many times address your problems remotely, more quickly than driving across town to your site!  How well does the BP in understanding your needs and adequately addressing solutions to meet them?  How long has the BP worked with the Sage product that is being considered?  What do other customers have to say about their BP?  Ask for references and by all means check them out!

Your Sage BP can help you identify the best solutions for your needs; they can handle your acquisition of the Sage software, assist you with step-by-step implementation, and offer training that makes your staff confident and proficient on the software. After all, the Sage software solutions we work with are very robust and deserve the most effort with their implementation processes. As your Sage BP we want you to receive the best return on your investment. We strive to understand your total business and address your needs appropriately.

The decision to select the right BP is every bit as crucial as selecting the right software solution. Make sure that you select a partner who is committed to your success and has the expertise to get you there.


Helping nonprofits, human resources departments with fund accounting and HRMS software, reporting, and accounting services; Huckstep & Associates is proud to have customers throughout the central United States including Arkansas, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin.

Another Successful High Road to Success

Posted on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Well – the final reports are in. The evaluations are great. The hub-bub is over. We’ve all settled into the day-to-day outside of the crush of getting ready for the conference. And – the Thanksgiving Holiday is behind us, and we are steeped in plans relative to the location and content for the High Road Conference in September of 2011.

The High Road to Success conference sponsored by Huckstep & Associates and Z-Tech (Austin, TX) is a conference/training event for users of Sage MIP Fund Accounting, as well as the Sage Abra HRMS system. But – more than that, it’s a time to gather information and gain training time from both the sponsors and other users, and to spend time away from the office to gain concentrated knowledge relative to your fund accounting or human resource systems. We offer serious training time with several of the best in the business, as well as time with other users of these software packages. And, we bring in outside speakers who have excellent credentials in their specific areas.

The first High Road to Success conference was in 2007 in Breckenridge, CO. It was a great time in a beautiful location, although several felt the effects of the 9,600 foot elevation, including myself. But, the beauty of the mountains took over, and it was a wonderful time of learning.

In 2008 we were in San Antonio along the Riverwalk. The host hotel was the Sheraton Gunter, and some internet research suggested that the hotel was reputed to be haunted. No one saw a ghost that I know of, but Hurricane Ike threatened that week, and by Friday, folks from the South were bringing their dogs to the hotel to get away from localities where the hurricane threat was more serious. There wasn’t a drop of precipitation in San Antonio that Friday, but the dogs in the hotel provided quite a bit of entertainment.

In 2009, we were in Chicago two blocks off the magnificent mile, and the evenings had all sorts of possibilities for great food and/or entertainment. The training days always provide extensive mental challenge, and so it’s always rewarding to spend an evening with friends you’ve met at the conference for some conversation and camaraderie.

This year, we opted for St Louis, in the downtown area near the Arch and all of the downtown historical sites of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Again, we were in a historic hotel, which had been a bank in a former life, and the gift shop of the hotel was housed in the former bank vault. Nearby is the Old Courthouse, where the first two trials of the pivotal Dred Scott decision were made back in the 1847-50 era.

The bottom line is that by way of locations for the High Road to Success conference, we are committed not just to having an incredible agenda of great training opportunities on MIP and Abra, we are committed to bringing our clients to an area where there are opportunities for learning and fun.

Now we are planning for the location and dates for our 2011 conference. Our conversations with participants in St Louis re-confirmed our previous decision to offer the conference in September in 2011. They also confirmed that we need a location that is easy to get to by way of air travel, and provides opportunities for evening great food and/or entertainment. We are considering Nashville, Fort Worth, Kansas City, or Minneapolis for 2011 – and would love to have your input as we move toward finalizing the dates and locations. Of course, we can’t set the specific date until we know the location availability. So – please do let us know your choice. We’d love to meet you there.


Helping nonprofits, human resources departments with fund accounting and HRMS software, reporting, and accounting services; Huckstep & Associates assists organizations throughout the central United States from Minnesota to Texas and Colorado to Michigan.