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Your Accounting System –Isn’t it supposed to replace manual processes? Part I – Reporting

Posted on Sunday, May 8th, 2011

by Jeannie Huckstep, CPA, CITP

When we begin a discussion with a prospect as they are considering a replacement of their current system, or have already decided that they want to move to the Sage MIP Fund Accounting product, we always begin that discussion with several questions.     We begin our discovery process with these two.   The first is:  How much work is your staff doing manually to compensate for the inflexibility, and inability of your current system to encompass all of your reporting needs?   The next question is this:   What are they doing manually, or on Excel spreadsheets, that your current system simply won’t handle in an electronic manner?

The answer to the first question always revolves around reporting.    And – the list of points I’ve heard in answer to this question is long.   Most often, staff within the organization is required to print a trial balance from their system, and then resort to a spreadsheet to put the pieces of information that the trial balance provides together in the required presentation format.   Can you imagine the work hours required if the organization has 30 grants on which they need to create monthly reports for the funders or the grant managers?

Typically, someone on the accounting staff prints the account code information, and then locates the information for the appropriate grant (if it exists within the accounting system), and then combines the numbers onto a spreadsheet that is formatted appropriately for presentation.   What an inefficient and unreliable way to do business.   Anytime manual processes are involved, they are prone to the normal “people” errors that simply go away when an electronic process is utilized.

If your staff has to use manual processes to overcome the shortcomings of their current system, it’s time for a change.     Very clearly, the technology is available TODAY to replace manual processes of this nature with appropriately designed electronic processes.

Please let us know if we can help you eliminate tedious, time-consuming manual processes.


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